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Training Data

Weight Training Regimen
Weight Loss Chart
Body Fat Chart
Tale o' the Tape
Training Log (stops 05/03/00). See my blog for some continuation.


So, here it is. How I became an overweight, yet extremely fit dude. Anyway, below you'll find my workout accomplishments starting on 02.27.00. I was working out with weights well before that date (started sometime in November), but this is when I started documenting. I don't keep a detailed log - this is as good as it gets.

Weight Training Regimen

I generally follow a workout pattern, in terms of groups worked, but tend to mix up weights and reps quite a bit. Note that the weights seem tiny, but I concentrate on "perfect" reps and form. I see a lot of silly guys lifting tons of weight by cheating. Seem defensive?

My sets average 10 reps. Sometimes I do 2 of 8 reps sets rather than 3 of 10, but with more weight (about 10-20 lbs more). Depends on how I feel. All in all, the average workout is 1.5-2.0 hours, including warm-up and stretch at end. All exercises are free weights, unless machine is mentioned.

Anyway, this is the general pattern:

Warm Up

  • 20 Minutes Lifecycle, Hill, Level 13, or...
  • 10 Minutes Lifecycle, Manual, Level 6 (I do this one if I've done a good ride recently, or am pressed for time).

Upper Body

  • Bench Press. Note: my bench press workouts vary a lot. Below is one variation. There are other times (especially when "pressed" for time) that I'll just do heavier weight (say 115 or 120) for two sets each exercise.
    • Flat bench, 2 sets at 135. Sometimes do pyramids, starting at 95 and going up to 110, ten reps per set. Or, machine at 170-190. Sometimes do a few "negatives" with 250.
    • Incline, two sets at 115.
    • Decline, 2 sets at 115.
  • Assisted pull-up machine. Two sets.
  • Standing dumbell curls, 2 sets, 20lbs.
  • Dumbell shrugs, 2 sets, 35lbs.
  • Rows, 2 sets, 45lb plate, or on machine at 130lbs.
  • Standing military, 2 sets, 65 lbs, or sitting, machine at 90lbs. Or, sitting dumbell shoulder press, 30-35 pounds.
  • Curls with bar. 2 sets normal, 45lbs, 1 set preacher, overhand. Or just a couple of machine sets at 70lbs.
  • Deltoid lifts, 2 sets, 8lb dumbells. If you do this right, it's really intense.
  • Incline dumbell press, 2 sets, 35lbs. Concentrate on stretch.
  • Pec Deck, 2 sets, 100 lbs. Very slow and concentrated. This is a straight-arm machine. I don't grip the handles, but rather place my hands flat on the handle and concentrate on slow, perfect reps.
  • Tricep machine. Two sets, 70lbs.
  • Assisted dip machine. Two sets.


  • 3 sets situp machine, 25, 30, 35lbs, 10 reps each.

Lower Body - All machine

I'd actually like to start doing free-weight squats, but I'm a little leery of them because my back is goofy.
  • 1 set hack squats, 10-20 reps, 300lbs.
  • 2 sets leg press, 360-400lbs (gotta really stack on the extra weights for this one).
  • 2 sets leg curl, 100lbs.
  • 3 sets leg extension, 160-190lbs.
  • 2 sets leg adductor, 130lbs.
  • 2 sets leg abductor, 130lbs.
  • Standing calf raises 2 sets, 400lbs.
  • 1 set inverse sit-ups (back exercise - I'm sure it has a real name).

Cool down, Stretch

  • 5 minutes of sitting alternate leg toe-touches (well, kinda).
  • Back press (like a push up, but leaving hips near the floor, and hold)
  • Calf stretch (holding up the wall)

Weight Loss Chart

I'm keeping track of things in Microsoft Excel. Here's the chart I obsess over in my free time. The yellow dashed line is the linear regression, based on my weight at each weigh-in. The linear regression illustrates/predicts future progress based upon past data, assuming that things don't change too much. This is a nice feature of Excel, as it's calculated automatically when I add new weigh-ins.

Body Fat Chart

I recently (around 05/18/00) bought a body fat measuring scale. It's a Tanita TBF-551, which measures to a precision of .2% bodyfat and .2 pounds. Below is the chart I've been keeping since the purchase.

In this chart the trendline is the most important thing, since, as you can see, day-to-day variances are huge. Also note that the body fat numbers are very high. Now, I'm not saying that I'm skinny, but I don't really believer that my percentage is that high. What I care more about is the precision and consistency between measurements. I want to see the trend over time.

An interesting pattern I've noticed is an inverse relationship between a day's weight and body fat percentage. That is, if I weight "light" on a given day, the body fat measurement is often higher, and vice-versa. Strange but true. Here's a chart demonstrating the pattern.

I've marked the inverse relationships with red lines. I'm not sure what it all means, but I thought it was interesting to note. I probably won't bother keeping this chart up-to-date, but will leave it here as a matter of record.

Tale o' the Tape

I've also kept track of measurements (and I'm not too proud to show them). I think the charts speak for themselves, but I must point out something. Notice the "flat" spot in the second week of these charts. Interestingly, this corresponds to a period of pretty good weight loss. During the latter weeks of this diet, I was obsessing over the early weight loss I experienced, but thinking about these charts has me realizing that much of the weight I lost early on was probably water weight (yeah, I knew that it was, but emotionally, I wanted to believe otherwise). Now, I'm giving myself more of a break. After all, during all the craziness of the weight chart in later weeks, I was steadily losing size all the time (well, that's how it looks anyway -- there aren't enough data points to say for sure). Anyway, here they are:

Log Entries

Below is my training log, mainly intended to inform the friends with whom I'd be doing the TOSRV of my progress. Once the TOSRV was completed, I stopped keeping detailed track of my training. You will find training entries in my blog, however.

02.27.00 - Sunday

20 miles
15 mph

This was an out-and-back on the Highline Canal Trail. The timed portion was all off-road (on a maintained crushed stone surface).

02.28.00 - Monday

Weight Training

03.01.00 - Wednesday

Weight Training

03.04.00 - Saturday

30+ miles
14.2 mph

This was a tough out-and-back to Waterton Canyon, then up the canyon (a fairly rough crushed stone trail - but not technical) and back. This ride was made especially tough by the mostly downhill outbound section and the therefore mostly uphill return. My average was respectable until I had to climb for 8 miles or so to get home.

03.06.00 - Monday

Weight Training

03.07.00 - Tuesday

17 miles
14.6 mph

My standard commute home from work. I was lucky on this ride, since Denver had some really scary/weird weather at about 3:00, which had cleared away by the time I got on my bike at about 4:15. At first I thought I'd overdressed because the sun had come out. By the time I got home, the sun was setting, it had become overcast again, and I was pretty chilly. Great ride, though. I actually made 16.2mph average for the Platte section of the ride. However, my average always drops when I leave this section for neighborhood/city streets.

03.08.00 - Wednesday

Weight Training

03.09.00 - Thursday

17 miles
14.9 mph
240 lbs.

Wow! 36 degrees with a breeze, making the wind-chill 20 degrees or so. Again I barely missed a snowstorm that dumped and then moved on. The streets were dry by the time I headed out. I feel lucky. It's amazing (again) the difference my gym workouts have made. If you cycle you owe it to yourself to try weight training. You'll be amazed. I promise!

I stayed fairly comfortable in the following clothing (linked to appropriate online stores). Note: I'm not trying to sell you anything here, just thought it would be convenient if you are interested in any of the gear mentioned. I would have linked to EMS, but their site uses frames

Measured my ketone level tonight, and it was sky high! Highest ever. It's got to be the additional aerobic exercise of this week. Had pizza tonite, though, so it will be interesting to measure in the morning. Also, tomorrow will be a "cheat" day, since we'll have lunch brought in, and then MB and I are going out for Mexican with friends.

03.11.00 - Saturday

Weight Training

Hopped on the scales this morning a bit apprehensively, and nearly fell over when I saw the weight. Up 3.5 pounds? It's gotta be water?!? I mean, this has been one of my busiest weeks, workout-wise. So, Thurdsay night I allowed myself pizza. Then yesterday (Friday), I knew the day was shot because of a happy hour for a departing coworker and a Mexican dinner planned with friends. So, I relaxed and lots of beer and carbs (pizza again for lunch, then Guiness at the happy hour, and then tamales, rice and beans for supper).

Needless to say, I need to get serious about staying "pure" on the Atkins diet. Last time I did so, I lost about 4 pounds in 5 or 6 days. That was just last week, so I wonder if it was indeed water weight lost? Check the chart - that's a pretty ugly 'W' shape on there if you ask me.

03.12.00 - Sunday

14 miles
15.9 mph overall, with a 10-mile Time Trial of 16.2
241.5 lbs.

Found it hard to get motivated today. I had planned an epic trip up to Red Rocks and back, but the weather predictions turned out to be wrong. It was supposed to be in the 60's and sunny, but turned out to be in the 40's and mostly cloudy. For some reason, it felt particularly cold out (maybe higher humidity?).

Anyway, finally headed out at around 3:00 with the intention of doing a fairly long ride up the canal trail, maybe to Cherry Creek reservoir. However, I underdressed a bit, so a leisurely, long ride was out of the question. I decided instead to do a 15-mile time trial, which would be intense enough to keep me warm, and to also be a good workout. I did great while reaching my 7.5-mile turnaround, but about 2.5 miles later, I was dead. So, I called it a 10-mile TT instead. My time was 36:59, giving me a decent average of 16.2mph, which ain't bad considering the surface, frequent slowdowns for street crossings and pedestrians, and wind (I always have an excuse).

I found that after the TT, I rested for a minute or so, then sped back up with ease. My overall speed was 15.9mph.

I'm wondering if I'm overtrained.

03.13.00 - Monday

Weight Training

Today I wore an older pair of pants to work, that are a size smaller than what I was wearing before starting the diet/fitness program. Even this smaller pair was baggy. Nice.

Did a two-hour session at the gym. LifeCycle for 20 minutes, followed by workout shown above, with an extra set of squats and leg presses. Darn tired afterwards.

I came darn close to hurting my back tonight. The extra leg exercises probably did the trick on that front. I've been pushing pretty hard lately. Treated it with TLC (but no stress-out), aspirin, and a very hot shower.

I also tweaked my knees a bit (especially the right), by jumping up to 205 on the leg extension for my middle set, and ignoring some knee discomfort. I reduced to 175 for the last set.

03.14.00 - Tuesday

17 miles
??.? mph overall, with a 10-mile Time Trial of 16.6
239 lbs.

My back was the tiniest bit stiff today, but nothing to be concerned about. I feel darn lucky about that. My knees were basically fine, too.

A bit of a side-tail wind today, but not the whole way. The wind shifted quite a bit during the ride, so I had wind in my face sometimes. However the majority of it was side-tail, so I got a pretty good average. Somehow, my computer got reset at some point, so I don't have a reliable overall average. I suspect around 15.0mph, since the last portion of the ride was a bit windy (to my disadvantage).

I was very tired today all day. I yawned a lot, and didn't think very clearly. I'm pretty certain I'm overtrained. I'm going to take tomorrow off. MB suggested that maybe I should start taking in some carbs, but I sure don't want to stop my weight loss progress, which seems to be back on track lately (see the chart).

03.15, 03.16 - Wednesday, Thursday

Took these days off. I needed it! Had Pizza on Wednesday during the big snowstorm.

03.17.00 - Friday

17 miles
??.? mph overall
239.5 lbs.

I started this ride with a friendly guy on a mountain bike. I have passed this guy pretty much every commute home this year. Today, I decided to take it easy for the first part of the ride, and just hang back with him and chat a while. He turned off a little more than halfway thru the ride and I picked up the pace significantly after that. I had a lot of energy after the "warm-up" part of the ride.

Again, we had a bit of a tail-side wind today. Got cheated on the weather though. It was supposed to be 55 and sunny, but turned out to be more like 45 with no sun at all. Pretty darn chilly when it comes down to it. I was comfortable in mid-weight tights, one of my polartech zip-T's, my Performance wind/rain jacket and shoe covers (my toes did get cold, though).

03.18.00 - Saturday

Weight Training

03.19.00 - Sunday

34 miles
15.1 mph overall
Route:C470->Platte River->Bear Creek->C470->Platte River->P.R. Bar & Grill
237 lbs.

My intentions were good at the beginning of this ride - not to do a long one, because my energy was low, but to do a 20-miler that is one of my faves. However, I met up with a guy early on the rides who was pretty friendly and interested in riding together. This guy had only been riding road for about three weeks, but must have been very fit - he was fairly fast and was out for miles.

I felt pretty good as we reached my usual turnoff for my intended ride, so I continued on with him to the Bear Creek turnoff. I'd never done this trail (when I refer to bike trails, many of them are paved - all on this ride were paved) before, and it was kind of fun. However, I started getting a bit tired around the 20-mile point, and there was easily 15-20 to go after this.

The route - not to scale!

After a bit of confusion about how to get back onto the C470 trail from Bear Creek, we went a couple more miles on C470 (the highway, not the trail) to reach the C470 trail. The C470 trail is notorious for hills and exposure to wind. It lived up to its reputation. Let's just say that my riding partner started pulling away from me little by little, and once we joined up with an even faster guy, I no longer bothered to keep up.

By the time we reached the Platte trail again, I was beat. From this intersection, it's nothing but hardcore uphill, and I didn't have it in me. So I turned north on the Platte again. I rode a few miles, feeling really broken down. Everything hurt. I was out of water, and almost out of energy. I rode past the Platte River Bar & Grille, then rode back to it. I parked my bike outside, called MB to invite her to a carbo-laden dinner, and went in an ordered a beer. It was about the best beer I've ever tasted.

I suspect the low-carb thing makes me hit the wall at about 30 miles. You may remember reading about my out and back trip to Waterton Canyon. That was just over 30 miles, and by the time I got back, I was fried. Even though I brought carbs (granola bars) on these trips I suspect that a lack of glycogen in my muscles catches up with me at around 30 miles. I'm probably going to start back on normal carbs in mid-April in order to let me get in more miles more comfortably. I must admit that at this point I'm pretty nervous about TOSRV given that I can't seem to last more than 30 miles comfortably. I really hope it's my Atkins diet that's causing the trouble.

I had what I guess you'd call a saddle-sore for the first time ever after this ride. It wasn't too painful, but a noticable sore patch in my crotch through the next day. Nice.

03.21.00 - Tuesday

Weight Training

03.23.00 - Thursday

Weight Training

Today I did free-weight squats (in a smith machine) for the first time since high-school. I started with an empty bar to practice, then put a 25 on each side. Did ten reps. I then put another 25 on each side. Ten more reps. Then 25 more. Did one rep. Ow, Damn! Took the extra 25s off, and tried for ten more. Did one rep and I felt like I'd charlie-horsed every muscle in both thighs. Stopped there. Finished my workout OK, but was a little worried about what I'd done to my legs. I took a bunch of aspirin before bed.

03.24.00 - Friday

17 miles
14.1 mph overall (15.1 mph 10-mile time trial)
236 lbs.

My standard commute home from work, again. I was pretty fried from my squat experience yesterday, but I didn't want to waste what was supposed to be a nice day, especially given that I'd missed my earlier ride this week due to snow. But my sore legs weren't the worst of it. I was rewarded for my efforts with a stiff headwind all the way home.

03.25.00, 03.26.00 - Saturday, Sunday

Crappy Weather - Didn't do crap. Well, I did go for a long walk with MB and Jake on Sunday, but it wasn't a "workout".

03.27.00 - Monday

17 miles
15.6 mph overall (18.2 mph 10-mile time trial)

Standard commute home from work, this time with a great tailwind. Made great time, and overall, a nice ride.

03.28.00 - Tuesday

Weight Training
234.5 lbs.

I've added Smith-machine squats to my workout. Really burns me up. I feel it the next day, and the next. People are starting to ask "have you lost some weight?". That's kinda nice.

03.31.00 - Friday

Weight Training

04.02.00 - Sunday

13.75 miles
16.4 mph overall

This was meant to be my standard 20-mile "Platte River Loop" ride. However, only in Colorado can you start a ride when it's sunny, feeling as though you've overdressed, and within 45 minutes ride through freezing rain, rain, driving rain, hail, a thunderstorm, and snow. This ride was cut short during the thunderstorm, about 5 minutes before it started snowing like crazy. Part of the ride (about 6 miles) was spent riding into a 20-40mph wind, so I'm kinda proud of the average :-).

I'm darn glad I'd put baggies on my feet, because I got soaking wet. But here's another testament to technical clothing - I never got cold or felt overwarm. The biggest problem I had was with my sunglasses fogging up. They were pretty much useless after a while.

04.03.00 - Monday

Weight Training

I was running a bit late, and so I thought I'd try HIT (High-intensity Training) this time. HIT is basically all about exercise to failure. You pick a weight for which you know you'll only be able to complete 8-12 reps, with the last reps taking all you have to complete. Complete intensity is the key. The idea is that you need to exhaust your muscles, and heavy weight at one set is one way to do it. The reps are done very slowly. Needless to say I did everything on machines, since I don't have a spotter.

04.04.00 - Tuesday

17 miles
17.6 mph on "time-trial" section. Computer didn't capture remainder of ride.

An absolutely beautiful ride home in 70-degree weather. A nice tailwind added to the experience. The only bummer (and this is pretty much a constant) is the gnats or fruit flies that hover in bunches every few hundred yards or so. Riding thru them feels like riding through rice thrown at a wedding. Pretty gross. They usually just bounce off, but occasionally they'll get in my sunglasses and hair.

04.05.00 - Wednesday

17 miles
16.1 mph on "time-trial" section. Computer didn't capture remainder of ride.

Another nice ride in pretty nice weather. I started with a side/tailwind, which later converted to a headwind.

04.07.00 - Friday

17 miles
16.7 mph on "time-trial" section. I've stopped bothering with timing the whole ride.

Chilly today -- felt a bit underdressed. But a nice ride, nonetheless. Wind was variable, but the day off yesterday left me feeling pretty strong today, so a good average was obtained.

Creaking in my crank was very bad, so I dropped by the bike shop to have one of the guys look at it. He tightened up the crank bolts a bit, but on the ride home, the creaking continued. Bummer.

This is to be a carb-loaded weekend. It's my "birthday weekend" (a week early because of the trip to Boston next week). Anyway, I'm guaranteed to eat carbs all weekend, so I had pizza at lunch today, and a granola bar before the ride.

04.08.00 - Saturday

Weight Training

Took my CX bike to the shop to have a thorough BB re-do, and rode to the gym on my mountain bike, which turned out to be a lot of fun. It had been months since I last rode my MTB, and it was a real kick. After the workout, I rode on some of the singletrack in the park near our house, and did great. It's amazing what some working out will do for your bike handling. I tried some things that I was always chicken to do, and cleaned everything. Now I'm looking forward to more.

My workout was typical except I backed off to one set of leg presses, curls, and extensions. I feel the need to cut back a little there, since I'm stepping up my riding a bit.

04.09.00 - Sunday

32 timed miles, 35 overall
Of timed miles, 22 were on packed dirt/gravel, and 10 on pavement.
16.3 mph on timed section.

This is my first seriously carbo-fueled ride of the season, and I could really tell the difference! The ride was high-intensity the whole way, and while 16.3 might not sound like much, you have to consider the surface of the majority of the ride. I'm also obviously still riding my semi-knobbies around. Anyway, I pushed hard the whole time, and stayed pretty comfortable until the very end. I pushed even harder at the end, to get my average up, and I'd run out of water, so I was kinda parched by the time I was done. I stopped at the rec center to get some water, and pedaled home easily.

I'm pretty sure my weekend rides will be carbo-fueled now, especially with TOSRV right around the corner. I need to get in at least one long ride (50-60 miles or so) before then, and I can't do that on no carbs.

04.10.00 - Sunday

Weight Training

04.12.00 - Wednesday

20 miles

Did this ride with John, another cyclist I befriended on morning bus rides. He introduced me to another route home, which has lots of options for more distance than the Platte trail offers. This route has the disadvantage of forcing a lot of stops and slowdowns over a good portion of its route. However, the scenery is nice, and there aren't as many bugs as there are on the Platte trail.

04.13.00 - Thursday

22 miles, plus weight training

Did the Cherry Creek trail again, but with a little variation that gave me a touch more distance. I also worked out tonite, which is the first time I've combined a riding day with a workout day. I did so because of the upcoming trip to Boston, where I'm pretty sure I won't get in any real exercise.

04.14.00 - 04.18.00 - In Boston, no workouts

04.19.00 - Wednesday

Weight Training

Was off work, but at home, so I got in a long, intense workout to make up for lost time. I warmed up with a 20 minute LifeCycle session, rather than the 10 minute ones I'd been doing.

04.20.00 - Thursday

17 miles

16.4 mph on "time-trial" section, which actually extended a few miles further than usual. Moderate headwinds.

04.22.00 - Saturday

Weight Training

Another intense session. My intention was to ride today, but the weather didn't cooperate. I'm bummed that my riding seems to be falling off. I hope to get in 500 miles before TOSRV. I'm at about 350 right now. Sigh...

04.25.00 - Tuesday

25 miles

Took Cherry Creek trail to High Line trail and stayed on High Line all the way home, meaning I also rode the twisty gravel parts. This makes for a great ride, since the last bit on gravel adds a lot of miles because of all the turns that the trail makes. Six linear miles becomes 12 miles on the High Line trail. My average was basically meaningless, because of slowdowns (as have all my Cherry Creek rides), but for the record it was 15.4. I probably averaged around 17 on the gravel part of the HLC trail.

04.26.00 - Wednesday

Weight Training

04.27.00 - Thursday

30 miles

Took Cherry Creek trail to High Line trail - a similar trip to 04.25, but extended for a little more distance. This trip was marred by two flats (from the same thorn). You gotta remember to check your tires when you flat, and remove the reason for the flat, dummy!

04.29.00 - Saturday

27 miles

Did my usual 20-mile C470 loop with the following changes - climbed the hill at Chatfield dam, and goofed around up there for a while (riding), returned to the trail, then took the High Line back from Broadway, and extended the trip by taking a later "exit" (near Susan & Dave's). Did you notice I stopped worrying so much about my averages? There's a reason: I tend to get down on myself about my averages, when in reality there's not a lot I can do about low averages in many cases. On my rides lately, I have to stop slow down a lot, which artificially lowers the average. In uninterrupted stretches, I still move pretty fast.

04.30.00 - Sunday

Weight Training

05.01.00 - Monday

22.5 miles
229 lbs. (woohoo!)

Commute home. Cherry Creek to HLC, Colorado to Holly, Holly to Orchard, etc. Uneventful ride. I do notice that my hill-climbing is better lately. That's exciting. I'll need that during the 15-mile hilly stretch at TOSRV.

05.03.00 - Wednesday

30 miles
231 lbs. (crap :-( )

Kind of a bummer of a day. First, I weighed in heavy - up two pounds from a couple of days ago (I know not to worry too much, but it still sucks). Second, the hot water heater's pilot had gone out. MB and I couldn't light it, so we had to call someone in. I was elected to stay home and wait for the repairman, who was due to come between 1:00 and 3:00 (a likely story). This threw a wrench in my plans to have an "epic" ride home from work (since I didn't go to work).

However, I did get the bright idea to do a morning ride and get back by 1:00. I got out the door late (around 9:30), so I was already pushing it. My intention was to do a big loop: C470 to the Platte Trail, the Platte all the way downtown, where I'd cross onto the Cherry Creek trail, Cherry Creek to High Line, and home with options to extend. The minimum ride would be about 45 miles.

Well, my little dark cloud didn't let me down. About halfway thru the ride I hit a patch of broken glass, which sliced my rear tire just a little too much. At the time I thought it was rideable, so I fixed the flat and kept going. My timing was very tight at this point, having stopped a couple of times along the way to consult maps, clear the sweat from my helmet, etc.

About 5 miles later I flatted again. The tire allowed another puncture in the tube, right where the tire was damaged before. I patched it, but now I'd wasted a total of about 15-20 minutes fixing flats when I was already low on time. It was noon, and I didn't trust my patch to hold again, even though I'd shored up the tire with the cellophane from a Clif bar. I punted and called MB's parents to come and get me so I wouldn't miss the water heater guy. Of course, the water heater guy didn't show up until 4:00, so I could have probably limped home. But I didn't know that at the time. Sigh...

The final insult was when I had MB measure me in the evening. My weight was up a little today, as I mentioned, but I expected with all my extra riding, I'd lost a little size. But noooo - Up a little in all important measurements, which really bummed me out. This after all the extra miles I've been putting in. I mean it's only a half inch here and there, and could be measurement inaccuracy, but it still bothers me. I really need to get a BFI scale. They aren't accurate, but they're supposedly precise as long as you use them under the same conditions every day. I don't care what the measurement is, so much as I care that I can measure progress accurately!

I hope to get a long ride in tomorrow, but then I've got to pack my cross bike for mailing on Friday. The rest of my rides before TOSRV will have to be on my mountain bike, which doesn't really excite me much.

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