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/Creations/Photography Fort Zachary Taylor, Key West

I got a new scanner about a week ago (an HP Scanjet 4670, very cool) and have been busily scanning artwork and selected photos. I have a long way to go, but I also have plenty of time, and am in no particular rush. Anyway, one of the photos I scanned and processed is this picture of Fort Zachary Taylor in Key West, FL. I took this picture about 14 years ago,and it's a color print. I scanned the print, rather than the negative (didn't feel like looking for it!), and brought it into Photoshop Elements for processing. I kind of like the results.

Ft. Zachary Taylor, Key West

Posted: Sun Nov 30 17:19:02 -0800 2003

/Miscellany Boat Displacement

I offer a sailboat performance calculation software package and a web-based performance calculator on this site. I also have a page that shows the formulas.

Because of this, I get tons of search referrals from Google and other search engines resulting from folks searching for information on how to calculate boat displacement. Here is the answer: you don't really calculate displacement - displacement is really just a fancy, scientific, way of saying weight! If you know what your boat weighs, you know its displacement. Simple, eh?

Posted: Fri Nov 21 08:56:17 -0800 2003

/Music Must ... Have ... Squeezebox

OK, Slim Devices has finally done it - they've come out with an improved SliMP3 with built-in wireless called the Squeezebox. There is no question. I must have one.

Posted: Fri Nov 21 08:44:01 -0800 2003

/Motorcycling Finally, a BMW Top Box!

My search is finally over. Once I'd seen this cool, custom BMW top box for the BMW K1100RS/RT (and K75RS/RT) in a photo on the 'net, I knew I had to have one. Trouble is, they're very difficult to find. I finally gave in and asked a dealer about them. It turns out they are still stocked, but the price for a new one is well over $300!! A little rich for my blood. I decided to put a want ad on IBMWR to see if I could get a used one.

Lo and behold, a few weeks later I got a response from a guy who totalled his K75RT, and was parting it out. After some back-and-forth, we agreed on a price of $75. I received it last week and immediately put it on the bike. I intend to just leave this box in place all the time, so I swapped my pristine rack for the very worn one that came with the box (what a pain). Anyway, here are a couple of pictures:



Posted: Sun Nov 16 14:57:45 -0800 2003

/Motorcycling 12k-mile Service for the Goblin

A couple of weekends ago I took the Green Goblin in for his 12k service (with 12.5k on the clock), and a new rear tire (Bridgestone BT-54). I knew it would be an expensive trip, but whoa!! The total was about $840, and that was with club discounts! At the time of service, I'd had the bike almost exactly one year.

Posted: Sun Nov 09 12:21:23 -0800 2003

/Issues_and_Commentary Better Late than Never

The 50 Most Loathesome People in America, 2002

Posted: Sun Nov 02 15:34:25 -0800 2003

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