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/Miscellany Corneal Abrasion Time (Ugh)

From time to time, I get a corneal abrasion at night, when the epithelial layer sticks to my eyelid. I then move, or open, my eye, and a bit of the epithelium is torn away. This hurts. Badly. It's like having someone pour sand into your eye. The tearing is non-stop, and your eye hurts a lot whether it is open or closed. Most of the time, I can go back to sleep and by the time I awake, it's healed, or at least reduced in intensity. However, once in a while it is disabling. Last Thursday was one of those times.

It's usually my right eye, as it was this time. The abrasion was right in the center of my cornea, so I couldn't see very well out of the affected eye. I also must have dumped a gallon of tears out of the eye by mid-morning. When it's this bad, I go to the optometrist to have them look at it, which I did Thursday morning. The Optometrist recommended an antibiotic drop and, because this is a recurring problem for me, a nightly application of Muro 128, which he says puts the eye in "defense mode" and hopefully shores up the repairs that the eye normally makes.

By Thursday afternoon, the pain was gone, but I still couldn't really see out of my right eye. Still, I was relatively comfortable. Thursday night I applied the Muro 128, which stung quite a bit, but this, according to the instructions, was to be expected. Unfortunately, over the course of Friday my eye felt worse and worse. By the time I left work, it just didn't feel right at all. I applied the Muro 128 again and went to bed early. Saturday, my eye felt (and looked) horrible. It was tearing a lot, red and angry looking, and I hurt a lot when my eye changed focus, or when looking at something even moderately bright (photophobia). I scheduled another trip to the optometrist -- same shop, different guy. He looked at my eye in more detail than on the first visit, and looked a little alarmed once he'd done so. He gave me a "good news, bad news" story: "there's no infection, but the abrasion covers a very large area - three to four millimeters. It could take a while to heal, and may not heal very well, at that." We discussed the option of going to an opthamologist, and agreed to wait until Monday if necessary at all. He and I agreed to drop the Muro 128.

The rest of Saturday my eye was pretty sore. Nothing was very comfortable, so I finally put some antibiotic in my eye, and took a nap. When I woke up, the difference was amazing. My eye felt much, much better, and my vision was somewhat restored. However, there seemed to be a filmy something or other in my eye that would somewhat occlude my vision. It also felt as though a hair was in my eye, especially when my eye was closed - annoying but not painful. I looked closely in the mirror and could make out a thin "skin" of material stuck to my cornea. I could see it slide around and sometimes get a bubble under it as I blinked and/or moved my lower eyelid around. I was a bit alarmed, so I called the optometrist, who'd given me his home number. He didn't seem to concerned, and told me to sleep on it and see how it looks in the morning. Later in the evening I took another nap, with more good results. I finally went to bed around 10:00 with an application of only the lubricating drops. This morning, I'd guess my vision is around 95% and my eye feels about 90%. What an improvement!

Even though my eye is feeling good, I still plan to see an opthamologist. I want him to take a good close look at my eye and give me a prognosis for the long-term. The optometrist theorized that the film that I saw Saturday night was the epithelial layer rebuilding. However, I always picture this happening as a migration of cells, rather than a building of a "skin" that is then cemented down. I guess I worry that this new skin won't adhere as tightly as it needs to, and I'll just rip it loose again. I also wonder if the "skin" is just the remains of the original layer that was torn loose. Perhaps I need a debridement to really clean the area up and get a good, tight regrowth. I don't look forward to having that done, but if it can prevent future problems it's worth it.

Posted: Sun Mar 28 10:56:34 -0800 2004

/Miscellany Gematriculator Rating

I'm on the fence, as usual:

This site is certified 48% EVIL by the Gematriculator

Posted: Fri Mar 19 07:25:27 -0800 2004

/Miscellany Atkins Update

Yesterday marked the end of week two of my Atkins diet, and the end of the "inception" phase. Theoretically, at this point, I can start adding a few carbs. That's cool, but I still have to keep them very much under control, so I'm basically eating the same stuff.

Here are the charts for the first two weeks:

Atkins week two, 2004 Atkins week two, 2004

Posted: Tue Mar 16 19:32:50 -0800 2004

/Music "New" Garage Band Tune

I keep forgetting to mention how I've been playing with Garage Band. Or at least, how much I was playing with it, before I started commuting downtown and getting 2 hours each day eaten out of my schedule. Anyway, I posted a tune to my music page a few weeks ago, and never made note (heh, heh) of it here. The tune is called Filter Swoon. It's composed mostly of Garage Band loops with the bass line (if you can call it that) and a synth pad added by yours truly.

Using Garage Band is odd. If you rely on the loops, it kind of makes you into a producer, rather than a recording artist. Is that a good thing? I don't have the answer, but I do know it's a great, fun, time-killer regardless.

I do have other tunes in the works, which I'll publish on the site if and when I ever get them completed.

Posted: Sat Mar 13 18:48:05 -0800 2004

/Miscellany Atkins Week One

Last Monday was my first week back on the Atkins diet. I haven't done it in years - since the first time I used it to drop a significant amount of weight. No, I didn't yo-yo back up. However, every winter I do gain about ten pounds, and then lose it in the summer. Last summer I never went back down to my "summer weight" of 230; rather I stuck at around 235. So I started out with a handicap last fall. Over the winter I had a really, really bad cold that kept me from working out for nearly a month. That was enough to push me toward the mid-240's, and that I can't abide. So, I'm doing Atkins for the month of March in order to get a kick-start to my lighter summer "fighting" weight.

Here's a chart of this week's progress:

Atkins week one, 2004

Atkins, week one

Posted: Sun Mar 07 14:37:37 -0800 2004

/Motorcycling First Downtown Commutes

The weather finally allowed a couple of motorcycle commutes to my new job downtown. The morning rides were in around 30 degree temperatures, but I was comfy in my winter gear (none of it heated, and no heated grips, either). The morning commute is fine, since I leave pretty early. The only really shakey part is when I have to cross railroad tracks on Santa Fe. There is one set that crosses at about a 45 degree angle, and the tracks themselves are in horrifically poor condition, with wide gaps and a very rough crossing. I always approach these tracks from the left side of my lane and cut across my lane to the right as I cross, to try to cut down on the angle. No problems yet, but it's pretty nerve-racking just the same.

Unfortunately, I have to admit that the ride home is no fun at all, since I tend to leave during rush hour. Thursday was the worst, when I left at 5:00. It was stop-n-go all the way, and just no fun at all. The ride home almost makes the ride in not worth it. I'm predicting I'll ride in maybe once a week over the next few months. That means I need to start riding more on the weekends.

Posted: Tue Mar 02 19:58:49 -0800 2004

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