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Cameron Purdy on Caching (via The Server Side).

Posted: Mon Feb 14 08:10:52 -0800 2005

/Toys Home Theater Update

Work continues on the home theater conversion of my (already finished) basement. It's actually not that big a project except that, with me, any project that takes some handiness is a big project. The challenge has been to invisibly wire the room for 7.1 surround sound. This is not so easy with a finished basement, let me tell you!

Anyway, here's a quick update:

  • Three of four walls painted.
  • All the necessary sheetrock is cut out below the baseboards, in preparation for WireTracks installation.
  • WireTracks almost completely installed (actually I was done, but I had a late realization that I could do a better job of routing cable than I'd originally planned, so I have to expand my WireTracks installation).
  • Side surround speakers wired an mounted (I'll have to re-route the right channel due to the above).

Read more about it on my wiki.

Posted: Sun Feb 13 18:34:37 -0800 2005

/Toys Home Theater Progress (sort of)

I haven't written much here lately. I've been very busy at work, and in my spare time have been obsessing over my latest project - converting my basement into a home theater. It's been a fairly lengthy process. First I spent weeks researching components and learning about home theater (mainly by reading Home Theater Hacks). Then I committed to actually installing the home theater by selling off the major components of my downstairs stereo system. Now that I'm fully committed, the real work has begun.

Read more about it on my wiki.

Posted: Sun Feb 13 18:32:41 -0800 2005

/Personal_Mythology My Brush With Greatness

I went to school (and I mean from kindergarten through high school) with a guy who, rumor had it, had moved to Hollywood and become an actor. As little kids we were pretty good buds. Every once in a while his name will come up when I'm visiting old friends, and we wonder about his acting career. Turns out, he really did do some acting, for a while, anyway. You go, Ike!

Ike's IMDB Profile

Isaac Turner as "Carlos", in The Girl with the Hungry Eyes, 1995

Ike doesn't have any acting work listed after 1995, so I'm curious what he's up to now. If you happen to trip over this, Ike (or someone else who would know), mail me and catch me up.

Posted: Fri Feb 04 22:07:29 -0800 2005

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