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/Toys Home Theater Projector Mounted

I finally got around to mounting my Sony projector to the ceiling, rather than having it sitting on the coffee table where it was exposed to jostling, and took up a lot of surface area. Naturally, I wrote up a detailed article on getting that done. The results are so worth the trouble! The room looks neat and clean with the projector out of the way.
Now the theater can truly be called complete.

Posted: Sat Mar 26 12:10:22 -0800 2005

/Toys Home Theater is Complete! (enough for now, anyway)

Last Sunday I put the furniture back in its place, hooked up all the audio and video components, and was able to enjoy a movie with MB that night. The inaugural movie was The Bourne Supremacy. OK, not that auspicious, but it had been sitting around waiting to be watched for a few weeks.

One thing that was very gratifying is that when I first booted up the system everything worked right away. No smoke came out of the system when I turned it on! Well, better than that, all of the speakers were working and playing the right channels (my system is 7.1), the CATV feed that I'd re-routed worked fine, and the projector and screen setup was simple as pie.

The only small challenge was getting the "Denon Link" digital feed working between the DVD player and the receiver. But that was really just a matter of reading the manuals.

For more info see my write-up.

Posted: Wed Mar 09 03:54:24 -0800 2005

/Toys Home Theater Update

The project is moving along slowly but surely:

  • Three of four walls painted.
  • All WireTracks installed.
  • Door casement reinstalled.
  • Some baseboard glued to WireTracks channel.
  • Speaker and CATV cables routed and tested.
  • Front J-box installed (where I'll have terminals for the surround speakers, CATV, etc.

Remaining work (sigh). I'll cross these off as they get done:

  • Finish baseboard cutting and gluing.
  • Pull glued baseboards and secure to front side of WireTracks channels with screws.
  • Reinstall baseboards.
  • Caulk baseboards and trim.
  • Paint baseboards and trim.
  • Paint back wall.
  • Install J-box for rear surrounds (optional).
  • Install rear speakers.
  • Re-orient furniture and clean up.
  • Set up audio components.
  • Set up screen.
  • Set up projector (on coffee table, for now).
  • Showtime!

Read more about it on my wiki.

Posted: Wed Mar 09 03:45:16 -0800 2005

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