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/Computing 1TB Drive, Less than $0.50/Gig

I'm working on a new home theater setup for our vacation place that involves a Mac Mini as the "media center", and which involved ripping all of my movies to disk (I'll write on this home theater in a later post). For additional storage I used a pair of LaCie 500Gb Mini Disks, which go quite nicely with the Mini. The time that went into ripping the disks was not inconsiderable, so I wanted to back up those drives to yet another drive.

The OWC Mercury Elite fits in nicely on a Mac-oriented desk

I searched far and wide and finally settled on a nice Firewire 800/400 RAID 0 (striped) enclosure from Other World Computing. The company also offers a model pre-configured with drives.

I put a couple of Seagate Barracuda 500Gb drives in the enclosure with little effort (I must admit I FUBARed my first attempt by failing to set the drives as master/slave, but that was easily addressed). Once the drive was assembled, I attached it to one of the firewire ports on a Mini drive, and started the process of copying about 650Gb of data to the drive (this took about 13 hours total). I am happy to report that during the copying it ran as quiet as a mouse — just a whisper of fan noise, but nothing compared to the Mac Mini and the Mini drive(s). So far, I can highly recommend this enclosure/drive.

PS — OWC doesn't say what sort of drives they put in their pre-built model. If you don't care about such details, you don't really "save" any money by building the drive yourself. Only go the enclosure route if you want to put your own "special sauce" into the enclosure!

Posted: Sun Feb 11 21:22:24 -0800 2007

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