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/Creations/Art There's No Action... my Man Elvis (Costello) once said. Why no action at Oh, I've been busy I guess. I'm actually spending a lot more time doing artwork and (minor) journaling, and maintaining a presence for that stuff at flickr.

The Oasis Bar, downtown Littleton, CO

I suppose I could figure out how to write an API for my little homegrown weblog engine to allow me to post stuff from flickr to this site autmagically, but I'm not driven enough to do that (yet). So bear with me as I obsessively attack something (the art thing) that I will eventually give up again.

Posted: Thu Jun 14 08:17:36 -0700 2007

/Creations/Art "The Machine"

As promised, another scan of artwork from my "archives". This one is in pastel and pencil.

The Machine, 1987

Posted: Sun Dec 28 14:17:34 -0800 2003

/Creations/Art Another Scan from My Sketchbooks

I was reminded, as I continued scanning my sketchbooks, that I once had a sort of fetish about drawing packages. By "packages", I mean packages wrapped in brown paper and tied up with twine. Really. Here's one:

Package, 1986

It's also around this time (and perhaps on this very drawing) that I started my "scribble" thing. It might be hard to tell in the above image, but there are light scribbles on this drawing, especially near the twine and the sides of the box. I don't know how it started, but it continued with future pieces, including my larger paintings and pastels.

Posted: Mon Dec 08 22:24:57 -0800 2003

/Creations/Art First Art Collection Published

I mentioned in a previous post that I'd bought a Scanner and started scanning my artwork. I've completed the first "collection", from my high-school and early college days. It has been published to my .Mac site. Eventually I'll update my artwork page to reference the collections.

Robot, 1979

Posted: Sun Dec 07 07:51:40 -0800 2003

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