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I updated to Apple Aperture 1.5 a few days ago. The upgrade went smoothly, although the library conversion preview generation process took a very long time (a couple of hours for my 27G library). Now that I've had a few days to use 1.5, I can say with confidence that this is a really great release. The whole app seems much snappier, and they've added a bunch of new features. Here are the changes (features and fixes) that are important to me:

  • All operations and GUI controls seem more responsive. For example, I can actually start reviewing images in fullscreen immediately after upload now, without suffering tons of whirling beachball cursor activity. I believe this might be because Aperture is working on the preview images, rather than doing everything in memory. I don't know the architecture of Aperture, so I could be completely wrong. But who cares -- the performance is great now.
  • More stability. I had a lot of trouble with crashes moving into and out of full-screen, using two monitors, in previous versions. I haven't had a crash on the new version yet.
  • Much finer control of sharpness adjustments
  • Better color control (more at James Duncan Davidson's site). You can now make saturation/hue/brightness adjustments to particular ranges, which saves trips to Photoshop or Elements.
  • A much better, centered loupe mode that is not attached to the cursor. You can place the loupe on the image and leave it there, and make adjustments while watching the effect -- great!

Posted: Fri Oct 06 12:05:01 -0700 2006

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