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I recently had the opportunity to donate usage of one of my watercolors to a hospital fundraising effort. The hospital wanted to use the painting for the cover of a brochure. How could I say no? When they asked how to attribute the image, I said, just my name, and a URL for (the then non-existent)

my painting on 'the kentucky bash' brochure

Well, now it exists :-). It's just a placeholder. I may be able to build a business there. Then again, maybe not! At least I can find out how many visitors I get, and know how effective that brochure was as a traffic-grabber (at least until google indexes the site, which it will, now that I've mentioned it here). At this point, most of the hits were created by me repeatedly looking at the site while I designed it.

Posted: Sat Sep 19 16:50:09 -0700 2009

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