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/Cycling 2005 Elephant Rock Ride Report

Simply stated, this was the best E-Rock I've experienced. The weather was absolutely perfect. We started around 7:00 with the temperature around 40o. By mid-ride it was partly cloudy and in the mid-70s. The wind was probably around 10 mph from the South, which made for a slightly harder ride "out" and an easy ride "back". We really couldn't have asked for better.

Only two stretches of the 65 mile course are any good for serious pacelines. One stretch, of around 10 miles, starts at around the 15 mile mark. It's a nice southbound flat with Pike's Peak impressively visible ahead and just to the right. Brian, Jason, and I developed a paceline of around 10-12 folks for most of this section. I didn't have the computer mounted on my bike this year, so I have no idea of our pace, although Jason mentioned that we were doing around 19 mph at one point. The second good stretch is the last 8-10 miles, most of which is along frontage road. This section varies from flat to a slight downhill. This is the section where I usually light the afterburners (relatively speaking), and go all-out, taking no prisoners. Again, I didn't have my bike computer, but Brian says we were doing around 26-27 mph in this section. We had a small group of around five riders in tow.

I was also more comfortable on this ride than in previous years. Over the last few years, the balls of my feet seem to have gotten much more sensitive to riding, to the point where it feels as though they're on fire under certain conditions. I've narrowed this down to the pressure of hard efforts, such as climbing out of the saddle, which puts undue pressure on my feet (I'm pretty heavy, unfortunately). So, on this E-Rock I made a conscious effort to stay in the saddle more on climbs. In previous years, I'd have had to sit down at Palmer Lake and take my shoes off to massage my feet. This year, I had no such requirement.

Posted: Fri Jun 10 07:13:47 -0700 2005

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