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/Cycling First Long(er) Ride of 2005

My riding buddy Brian and I did our "usual" 40-mile ride today - our "South Denver Loop". This ride encompasses the Platte River Trail, the Cherry Creek Trail and the Highline Canal Trail, with the occasional neighborhood street riding. Other than a few 20-milers, which hardly count, this is my first big ride of the season.

I sucked.

We always stop at REI at about the halfway point and treat ourselves to breakfast sandwiches at the Starbucks. The breakfast sandwiches have a decent balance of carbs, fat, and protein (a little more than decent on the fat). Well today, they couldn't make breakfast sandwiches, so I got a "toffee bar". Big mistake. This thing must have been 90% sugar. On top of that, I had hot chocolate, which only added to the sugar content.

Brian and I sat there for quite a while (we're always lazier at the beginning of the season), which I suppose was long enough for my blood sugar to peak, and then start a downhill trend. So, within a few miles of pedaling away from REI, I was a mound of weak, quivering flesh, and was having some pretty enthralling food fantasies. We really, really, had to stop at a gas station so I could get some peanuts and a PowerBar. Once refueled, I was basically fine. However, a southerly headwind beat me down further as I rode home. I was pretty dead on arrival. Yippee, the TOSRV is only four weeks away, and I'm raring to go (not)!

On an almost related note, I've had a relapse of the plantar fasciitis that plagued me for over a year when we first moved to Denver. Back then, it was pretty obvious what brought it on (running around barefoot in the grass, playing soccer with my 4-year-old nephew). This time, it just up and started hurting one day: I got up from playing XBox on the couch and my heel hurt. I can't for the life of me figure out what brought it on. Anyway, this was about three weeks ago, and it's still going strong. Luckily cycling doesn't hurt it (though it probably doesn't help it either).

Posted: Sun Apr 03 15:11:07 -0700 2005

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