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/Cycling Inundated on Commute

I've ridden in rain. I've ridden in hard rain (the 2003 TOSRV comes to mind). But yesterday took the cake because it was a ride in hard rain, deep water, and backed-up traffic. Denver was hit with a huge storm right about the time I left for my commute home. "Damn the torpedoes", I thought, and proceeded to ride home anyway. When I hit the Cherry Creek bike path, I came to the sudden realization that the storm drains on Speer lead to outlets on the trail. Thus, I passed many giant pipes spewing forth dirty street water, and rode through puddles 6-8" deep a number of times. Naturally, after the first deep puddle crossing, my shoes were filled with water. I kind of let this big deep puddle thing freak me out a little, and so went to street level as soon as possible. I headed home on Downing, which seems so much narrower when it's packed with traffic. I'm not a rider that is nervous in traffic, but I was nervous yesterday evening.

When I got home, I did my usual apres-rain-ride routine of rinsing the bike off, drying it, and applying WD-40 to the chain to clear out the water. This time, however, I also removed the seatpost and turned the bike upside down to see if any water had gotten into the frame (didn't seem to). I left the seatpost out overnight, just in case. I'm wondering how my hubs and bottom bracket fared. I may pull the BB this weekend just out of curiosity.

Posted: Thu Aug 19 19:45:02 -0700 2004

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