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The bearings of the pulleys on my Colnago's rear derailleur were torched. I noticed this last year when I was cleaning them before installing the derailleur on the bike (the derailleur was part of a drivetrain donation from my boss). I put them back on anyway and rode the bike a good 500 miles with them installed, but it's always bugged me to know that the bearings were shot.

So today, I finally got around to replacing the original pulleys with some trick aluminum ones from Performance. They went on pretty easy (you have to use one washer per side to match the original Dura-Ace pulley width, BTW), and they look pimpin'. Well, to me anyway.

Dat shit is tight!

And, yeah, my drivetrain stays about that clean all the time.

Posted: Fri Apr 15 15:48:10 -0700 2005

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