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/Cycling Return to Bike Commuting

Over a year ago my company moved to a building without a shower. That, combined with a minor injury last spring, contributed to my discontinuation of my previously religious bicycle commuting. Recently, I got fed up with not bike commuting (perhaps a new bike purchase had something to do with that, even though the new bike is not the bike I will be commuting on, not to mention I don't even have it yet -- more on that in an upcoming post). So, I decided to find a way.

My way is as follows:

  • Leave some standard toiletries and a washcloth and towel at work (the most important being a box of baby wipes).
  • Set up a drying rack in an unused office.
  • Ride my commuter bike in as relaxed as possible. No speeding. No attacking hills. No bombing downhill.
  • Upon arrival at work, cool down in nearby parking lot, just riding in circles.
  • Head up to the office, grab the toiletries, and clean up in the handicap stall.
  • Bask in having bicycle commuted to work.

Let's hope I can keep it up.

Posted: Tue Jul 31 06:18:28 -0700 2007

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