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I wrote recently about starting to bicycle commute again. I made vague reference to a new bike coming, and even though it's not here yet, I thought I'd write about some work I've done on my Serotta, which is somewhat related.

I've converted it to a single speed:

Serotta Rapid Tour Commuter
Serotta Rapid Tour Commuter SS Conversion

Yes, I've caught the single speed bug, and have removed everything that is not essential from the Serotta's drivetrain. No more derailleurs, cables, cassette, or even STI levers with their clicking and clacking. It's sweet and silent and elegant (except for the tensioner, which is unfortunately required due to the vertical dropouts on the Serotta).

My knees have been fine so far, just the tiny bit of "tweakiness", but I attribute that more to the increased riding (hell, riding at all) than to riding one and only one gear. Besides, it's only a 39x18, which is hardly a big gear. So, I have to stand on the bigger climbs, and coast on the faster descents. But that's just dandy.

Anyway, that's a clue as to what is eventually coming in the mail -- a bike for me to use down in Buena Vista. A really nice bike. Nicer than it should be, but it seemed to be the only thing I could find that fit all my desires. Again, more on that later.

Posted: Mon Aug 13 19:27:25 -0700 2007

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