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/Cycling TOSRV 2005 Ride Report

Wet again.

Yes, in spite of all the sunny-weather predictions that had my hopes way up for a rain-free TOSRV, we had rain the first 60 or so miles of day one. It was a trick -- Saturday dawned dry and cool, but by the time we hoofed it over to McDonalds for a pre-ride fat pill, it was drizzling. The now-accurate weather reports indicated rain in, and southeast of, Columbus. This was just great, because that's exactly the direction in which we'd be riding. Oh well, it wouldn't be TOSRV without the rain (except for last year's, which I missed -- it had perfect weather).

Steve and I dropped our gear at the "McKinley" truck, and we pedaled off into a light drizzle, which really wasn't so bad. However, as we got further from town, the rain got worse, and to add more to the merriment I broke a spoke on my front wheel. No, not the one I just replaced before packing my bike to mail it out to KY, but a different one, on the other side (I got it replaced in Circleville, and it's still holding).

It rained steadily, with temperatures varying between 45 and 50 degrees, until we got to Chillicothe and got off our bikes. Then, of course, it stopped ... until we got back on our bikes. I guess it was about 10 miles outside of Chilli that the rain finally stopped and the sun peeked out just a bit. I never took off my arm warmers though.

The rest of the ride was basically uneventful. We rode in this and that paceline, and fought a headwind most of the time. I wore myself out a bit in the rollers, which is not unusual for me (I can't help attacking them).

Sunday was a different story: foggy and cool, leading to a beautiful day offering a light tailwind. On most TOSRVs we seem to end up in a great paceline to Waverly on Sunday. This year, I was just beginning to wonder whether we'd find one when I looked behind me to see that a good-sized one had formed on my wheel. Then, the guy behind me started singing an ode to my Colnago, which was oddly entertaining (but mostly just odd). We passed another paceline, which apparently hooked onto the end of ours. When we pulled into Waverly I looked back and saw that the paceline had possibly 25-30 riders in it. I rule :-).

The rest of Sunday was pretty much a grind. We didn't get in many good pacelines after Waverly, although we had a good stint with a couple other riders between Chilli and Circleville. The day was heating up, and I wasn't feeling very good at this point (just slightly nauseous) but Steve was riding strong, and took a very good pull getting us into Circleville.

The last 25 miles or so were the usual for me -- a blur of discomfort puncuated by small pleasures like fresh cold water at an informal stop 10 miles out. My feet were fried, my ass was grass, and my shoulders were very stiff, but Steve and I sprinted the last block of the ride like we'd just started.

Looking forward to next year...

Posted: Fri May 13 09:49:40 -0700 2005

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