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I recently purchased a BMW Commuter jacket from my local dealer on impulse. I'd tried on the jacket/pants combo a couple of years ago and loved the fit and features, but I could never really get past the expense. However, on this particular day, they had the jacket in my size at about half-price on their blowout rack, which put it within range for me.

The jacket is constructed of a mid-weight cordura material that is much more pliable than that of my FirstGear? Kenya jacket. This allows the jacket to hang with a bit of drape, which makes for a great fit and look. The FirstGear? jacket, in contrast, always feels as though it's made of cardboard.

So far, I've worn the jacket in temperatures ranging from 40 degrees to 90 degrees. For me, the "comfortable" (it's all very relative) upper limit is 80 degrees or so. On the 40 degree mornings, I wear a fleece vest and long-sleeve shirt underneath, and am just fine.

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