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This was my first serious commuter bike. I put in a lot of commuting miles on it, using a rack and top case to carry my junk, and also did a TOSRV ride and the 2000 Courage Classic on it. It was indeed a very versatile bike. However...

I bought this bike thinking a) that I needed a good versatile commuter, and b) I wanted to race cyclocross. Well, b) never came true. I bought the frame a size smaller than usual (54cm) due to the racing intentions, but I never raced it. The upshot is that I really had a way-too-small bike.

In 2001 I started working a bit closer to home, and had also bought my Trek 5200, so I rode the Cannie much less often -- it essentially became my rain bike. Then, when I started commuting downtown again in 2004, I bought a Serotta Rapid Tour frame and had the parts from the Cannondale moved over. I subsequently sold the Cannie frame on eBay.

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