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Here we have my classic Colnago - an italian road racing bike from the late 80's or early 90's. My other fine steel bike is a Serotta Rapid Tour, which I use for commuting. I'd love to say what the model and year of this frame is, but I have no idea. I've been given opinions ranging from an early 90's Super to a late 80's Master (before shaped tubing). However, I've never found a picture that leads me to believe that either is correct. The closest I've seen is a bike on eBay touted as an "International", which may be a special model of Super. It's unclear, and Colnago's US distributor has been of no help.

(if anyone reading this page can ID the model, please contact me)

This bike has become my favorite. It fits me perfectly and has a buttery, silky ride. It flexes a bit when I stand and pedal (I weigh 235lbs as of this writing) so there's a bit of chain rub with certain front/rear derailleur combinations, but it just doesn't matter.

The build on this bike is as follows:

The bike weighs 21.5+ lbs with pedals, bottle cage, and computer.

A Checkered Past?

There's a long and interesting (to me, at least) story behind this bike. First, the Dura-Ace drivetrain was given to me by my boss when he upgraded to a triple chainring setup. Believe it or not, that conversion necessitated the replacement of basically everything in his drivetrain. He preferred giving the components away to spending a few hours cleaning them in order to sell, and so offered them to me. I readily took them off his hands :-).

I couldn't just let this box of super-nice components sit around, so naturally I started shopping for a frame. Not just any frame, mind you, but a fine italian steed, and preferably a Colnago. I've wanted one since the 80's when I began riding. After a few false starts, I bid on, and won this frame on eBay. The selling price was $355 including a bottom bracket, headset and Shimano 600-series brakes. Turns out the bottom bracket and headset were trashed, but it still seemed like a good deal.

Once I started building the bike up I noticed some irregularities in the top tube. Long story short, after I took some carefully lit pictures and posted them to http://forums.roadbikereview.com, it was determined that this frame must have been wrecked (pix). I contacted the seller and he graciously refunded $150, making my total outlay $205 for the frame and brakes. If the frame turned out to be rideable, then it was a great deal. If not, then a lesson had at least been learned.

As it turns out, the frame is very rideable. It's my sweetest-riding bike, for sure. There's something about how nicely it tracks and yet turns in so smoothly. It feels "alive" underneath me. All this, when I expected so little of it, given that it's likely been wrecked (or driven into a garage wall on a roof rack).

Additional Pictures

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