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Some will be interested in what equipment I've chosen. Here's the list:
ReceiverDenon AVR 3805SPurchased 02/2005I did a lot of research before buying this unit. At first, I was convinced that I wanted to go with separates. However, over time I realized that I could save a bunch of money by getting a more "run of the mill" receiver. I "settled" for this piece because, in the end, it seemed to be the best value and have the features I wanted most. It has the nice feature of a proprietary digital link ("Denon Link") to the Denon DVD 3910.

I bought the receiver from Crutchfield, who charge retail for this item, but who also threw in a free pair of Infinity bookshelf speakers. That little bonus allowed me to install a full 7.1 setup for my system.
Denon Site
DVD PlayerDenon DVD 3910SPurchased 02/2005This is actually a "universal player", meaning it will play just about any optical media under the sun, and is SACD and DVD-A ready. This particular unit is just below Denon's flagship model and is very nicely put-together (weighs around 30 lbs). It is the lowest-end Denon DVD player to offer Denon Link.Denon Site
Front SpeakersPSB Image Series, T65Purchased 02/2005I really, really didn't want to give up my Magneplanars, but in order to do HT in my current room, I really had little choice but to do so. The PSBs are reasonably priced and sound great. I vacillated a lot between the T55 and T65, but settled on the T65 because of its greater efficiency (thus requiring less amplifier power) and ability to go a bit lower in the bass.

I purchased all the PSB speakers from a local shop called Denver Audio Designs, whom I can heartily recommend. Thanks guys!
PSB Site
Center SpeakerPSB Image Series: C60 (center)Purchased 02/2005This is the larger of the Image Series center speakers. You don't want to skimp on the most important speaker in your HT setup!PSB Site
Side Surround SpeakersPSB Image Series: 10S (center)Purchased 02/2005This was last year's model, so I got a good price on them. I got them in white to minimize contrast with the walls.PSB Site
Rear Surround SpeakersInfinity Primus 150"Free"These were a freebie from Crutchfield with my Denon 3085 purchase. I expected a really cheesy little pair of speakers, but they're actually pretty nice. Perfect for rear surrounds (which I'm sure is why Crutchfield throws them in).Stereophile Review
SubwooferSVS PS12-ISDPurchased 05/2005I purchased this sub to replace my aging, much smaller Velodyne (which has been moved to upstairs duty, supporting the Rock Solid speakers in the family room). The SVS is amazing. All the hype about these subs is valid, from my point of view. To get this much performance for $600 is just a steal.SVS Site
ProjectorSony VPL-HS51Purchased 02/2005The Sony has the best contrast measurements of pretty much any projector (which is usually LCD's weak point) at a great price point.Projector People
ScreenDa-Lite Model B Pulldown, 92" diagonalPurchased 02/2005I was originally going to install a fixed screen. But after a lot of thought, it finally hit me that a pulldown screen is actually perfect for my current room, for a number of reasons:
  • Because it is about 2' away from the back wall, it allows me to put the equipment front-and-center, which I couldn't do with a fixed screen (because my racks are too tall). When the screen is lowered, it only covers up the top shelf of my racks, which is fine, because my DVD Player and Receiver are still exposed.
  • It allows me to basically ignore the "problem window" located high on my front wall where the fixed screen would have gone.
  • It gives me more freedom to position my speakers and puts the speakers on a plane with the screen itself.
All in all, a good choice for my particular room.
Speaker Cable14AWGPurchased 03/2005I originally purchased Blue Jeans "10 white" cable for the surround speakers. However, I later thought better of it, because it was very thick and hard to work with in my installation. The 14 AWG cable from Home Depot was cheap, easy to manage, and a large enough gauge for the runs I'd be making.
InterconnectsVariousPurchased 02/2005 I use the video switching on my receiver, which allows me to have but one video connection from the receiver to the projector. The cable that came with my order from Projector People was very nice, but way too thick to surface mount, so I ended up buying the Belden 1855-based component video from Blue Jeans. It worked great.

Nearly all of my interconnects are digital, which is a nice side-effect of having a modern receiver.

  • Blue Jeans 1855 component video cable (nice and thin, so very routable).
  • Blue Jeans 6-channel Interconnect. Purchased to connect the audio outs from the DVD player to the receiver. Not necessary for DVD and DVD-A since I have Denon Link, but SACD is still not supported by Denon Link, unfortunately, so I do need it for that.
  • Various digital (both coax, and TOSLink) cables from Monster and Radio Shack.
Blue Jeans Site

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