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1982 Porsche 911 SC (87,999 miles) 1982 Porsche 911 SC (87,999 miles) 1982 Porsche 911 SC (87,999 miles) 1982 Porsche 911 SC (87,999 miles)

On 09/07/2008 I drove home my first Porsche 911. It's a 1982 911 SC Targa in beautiful "chiffon white", with 87,999 miles (after the drive home). The car is in exceptional condition and runs great.

I looked at about ten other 911s along the way. I believe this one was roughly number five. I knew it was special right away, and it was the second, and last, car for which I ordered a pre-purchase inspection (PPI). I looked at quite a few more before the previous owner (PO) and I agreed on a price for this one. I had Storz Garage in Denver do the PPI, and the car came back with flying colors, with the only service recommendation being brakes sometime within the year. Bob at Storz basically said "I've worked on this car before and it's always been a good car -- I haven't seen a better one for sale in a while". It has a lot of service records (but probably not complete) going back to original owner in 1982. Good enough for me.

Ownership Log

To-do items with strikethrough are done.

09/07/2008 87,999 Purchased the car and drove it home.

Purchase price was $16k. Not a bargain, but a fair price for a car in this condition. NADA classic car "average" value for this model is $17,075. Excellence has it at $17,015 for "good" condition. In my opinion the condition is slightly above these levels, so I think I did well.

Car drives great, but can probably use a set of Turbo tie rods to snug-up the steering. I drove a '77 with this upgrade and it had incredible steering feel.

  • Minor service
  • Check/replace brake pads
  • Check/adjust clutch cable
  • Check/adjust heater
  • Check/replace interior bulbs/fuses
  • Check/fix windshield/headlight washer system (currently leaks from somewhere). The shop fixed the leak and replaced the windshield washer pump. The leak was actually near the headlight washer system, so they plugged that. It's a fairly expensive fix to the h/l washers due to having to pull the bumper, so that can wait.
  • Idle a little fast?
  • Recharge A/C
  • Install turbo tie-rods
  • Install H4 headlights (or inserts, to keep original?)
  • Front struts (noticed a comment on this in the service records)
  • Replace interior light (on targa bar)
  • Find a place to keep it on the bad winter days when my 325 needs to be in the garage!.
09/18/2008 88,139

Various service by Storz Garage.

Bill was about $1,600.

Work done:
  • oil change
  • brakes pads/fluid replacement
  • new windshield
  • windshield washer pump
  • H4 headlight inserts
  • Heater cable replacement
  • clutch cable, etc. work.

The clutch cable job ended up being fairly significant work due to a frayed clutch cable and a worn out bushing on the arm to which the cable connects. The mounting point was almost worn through. The washer system had a leak in the headlight washing tubing, which was plugged (too expensive to fix right now).

09/19/2008   Second fill-up: 13.9 gallons for 219 miles. Pretty crappy mileage, at 15.75mpg. Wonder if this is due to the O2 sensor being disconnected.
09/20/2008   Detailing Session I spent 4-5 hours (!) detailing the car today. Here's what I did:
  • Washed with Mother's car wash
  • Applied Turtle Wax wheel cleaner
  • Pulled the floormats and floorboard carpeting and aired out/cleaned/vacuumed
  • Vacuumed the floorboards and all reachable interior
  • Treated all the rubber with Armor-all
  • Treated the top with "nano" vinyl cleaner/protectant. Blacked/shined it up nicely.
  • Used the "nano" stuff on all vinyl interior parts
  • Used Mother's leather cleaner/protectant on leather surfaces
  • Did a round of Mother's clay-bar
  • Applied Klasse All-in-one sealant
  • Applied Mother's "Back to Black" on all black parts, including targa bar (though it didn't really need it)
  • Applied gel tire dressing with a neato applicator. So nice.
  • Cleaned all windows, both sides with Stoner's
  • Applied RainX cleaner/wax to outside surface of windows
  • Did one final round of hand-polishing with a micro-fiber polish rag
  • Replaced wiper blades
Took the car out for dinner, and naturally it rained. But just a few drops, which zipped right up the windsheld :-).
09/19/2008 88,424 3rd fill-up: 13.6 gallons for 213 miles. Again, pretty crappy mileage, at 15.66mpg. Will try running with O2 sensor connected.
  • Adjust clutch. After the clutch service above, it's much smoother, but the clutch currently starts engaging right where the return spring gets very heavy, making it difficult to engage smoothly. I've stalled the car at stop lights about 5 times over the last couple of weeks. Takes some of the fun out of it.
  • Replace O2 sensor? Anything else in fuel system? It runs very rich with with O2 sensor disconnected. Seems like mixture adjustment might be necessary to improve mileage.
09/30/2008 88,555 4th fill-up: 7.1 gallons for 131 miles. Better mileage at 18.5mpg. I must admit I didn't connect the O2 sensor. I think the difference this time, is getting into fourth gear a little more often, and I drove about 40 miles with the top on, which has to help aerodynamics. Am taking the car to BV this weekend, so will be interesting to see what my highway mileage is. Will likely have the top on.
10/04/2008   5th fill-up: 13.2 gallons for 294 miles. Better mileage at 22.3mpg. These miles included:
  • Denver to Buena Vista, top on, and 65-75mph most of the way
  • Buena Vista to Twin Lakes, top on, and 55-65mph most of the way
  • Twin Lakes to Aspen and back, top off, windows up (beautiful, trip, BTW!)
  • Have windshield seal inspected by installer. Seems to me they reused the old seal, and it doesn't mate properly/tighly to the windshield. Haven't noticed any leaks, but not much rain driving yet, either.
    Note: talked to Storz, and they said a very experienced installer did the work, and there should be no problems. They will back it if there turn out to be problems.
10/04/2008   6th fill-up: 5.1 gallons for 120 miles. Better mileage at 23.5mpg. This was the return trip from BV to Denver, top on, 65-75mph most of the way, with a slower speed (but higher rev) bomb down Deer Creek Canyon for a portion.

Worthwhile to note that I put 414 trouble-free miles on the 911 over this vacation weekend, in a variety of weather and altitude situations. I'm pleased.

10/18/2008 89,194 7th fill-up: 13.5 gallons for 224.7 miles. 16.6mpg. Lots of city driving and redlines in 1st and 2nd. All top-off driving, too.
10/25/2008 ??? Performed a clutch adjustment. Actually Jason W. did the adjustment -- I was an observer). Adjusted to Bentley and "101 Projects" specifications. Big difference in clutch feel. Light as a feather and engagement is very quick and smooth.
10/26/2008 ??? Fill-up 13.0 gallons for 230 miles. 17.6mpg. Combination of top-on and top-off driving, and city/highway.
11/02/2008 ??? Fill-up 13.0 gallons for 239.7 miles. 18.4mpg. More top-on and top-off driving, and city/highway (drove up to Lafayette for Coffee-n-Cars with top on, drove up 285, down Deer Creek Canyon, etc, etc, top off).
11/02/2008 89,680 Added oil Added about 0.5 quart of oil. Brought level to between low and high marks. About 1,500 miles since oil change at Storz.
11/15/2008 89,910 Fill-up 15.4 gallons for 246.8 miles. 16.0mpg. Mostly top-on driving, but did some Deer Creek Canyon runs at high revs, thus using a lot of fuel, apparently :-).
11/23/2008 ??? Audio upgrade

Even though I don't listen to the stereo that often (since I usually have the top off), when I do listen I want it to sound good. The existing stereo (Kenwood HU and changer, Boston speakers in the doors, who knows what in the rear) just didn't fill the bill, though it was decent stuff. My original thought was to just add a powered, under-seat subwoofer, but the more I thought about it, the more it seemed to make sense to put in a modern HU and get rid of the skippy CD changer (plus, I've never liked changers). I figured that I might as well put in better speakers while I was at it. So, I ended up with the following:

  • Alpine CDA-9886, which has a single CD player (which supports many filetypes), and supports iPod and USB devices as well as BlueTooth integration, satellite radio, etc. It's also not too horribly bling-y, so I can live with it in this old car.
  • Focal 165 CXV 6.5" to replace the Boston door speakers
  • Blaupunkt THb 200A powered subwoofer, which has a small footprint and doesn't require an external amp.

I ordered the sub from Crutchfield, but I purchased the HU and speaker at CarToys and had them do the install. I've done stereo installs before, but this time I decided to just let an expert do it. The entire system came out to about $1000. A far sight more than my original plan of just adding the sub, but I feel good about the changes.

I don't trust anyone to get the sound just right, so the next day I pulled the driver's seat and adjusted the sub: I turned it all the way up (the amp can control the audio level of the sub), set the crossover frequency to about 75hz (the focals go down to about 60hz), and adjusted the phase (which was way off). I also packed the sides of the sub with some styrofoam sheet so that it can't shift (much anyway) during transit.

This new system wouldn't win a car stereo competition, but is light-years ahead of what was in there. At reasonable speeds with the top off, I can actually hear the music reasonably well. With the top on, it sounds really great (better than my BMW's system, but that's not saying much really). The sub under the driver's seat provides a little extra oomph where it can really be appreciated.

Someday I'll have to do something about the rears, but until then I have the system biased to the front a bit, and it sounds just fine for now.

11/23/2008 90,103 Fill-up 12.9 gallons for 193.2 miles. 14.97mpg. Mostly top-on commuting due to colder weather. I have been keeping the revs up between 3-4k pretty often, so maybe that accounts for it.
12/12/2008 90,199 Suspension, etc. Service @ Eurosport, Ltd., about $900 Had various basic suspension/steering work done:
  • Alignment
  • Corner balance
  • Turbo tie-rod install
At this point, Orrin did not recommend a strut replacement. Said it wouldn't make a huge difference in ride/performance. They also gave the car a once-over, and another clutch adjustment. They connected the O2 sensor and adjusted idle/gases for this. Orrin advised that a clutch replacement will be necessary in the not-too-distant future. Also, should consider 1st/2nd synchro replacement at that time.
12/21/2008 ??? Fill-up 13.3 gallons for 186.2 miles. 14.0 mpg (worst yet).
01/21/2009 ??? Fill-up 15.79 gallons for 243.8 miles. 15.4 mpg. Added one full container of Techron at fill-up.
02/07/2009 90,795 Fill-up 16.81 gallons for 261.0 miles. 15.53 mpg. Added another full container of Techron at fill-up.
03/01/2009 91,045 Fill-up 16.2 gallons for 250.7 miles. 15.48 mpg. No additives this time. Mention to Orrin next time: Car has been a little hard to start first time, lately. It will almost "catch", but then goes back to just turning over. When I turn the starter key after this, it takes about 5-10 seconds of cranking to get going. Then it runs fine.
04/13/2009 91,288 Fill-up 16.76 gallons for 241.7 miles. 14.42 mpg. Car has been starting better lately. Probably due to warmer weather. Will be taking it in tomorrow for clutch and 1st/2nd syncro replacement.
04/30/2009 91,313 Drivetrain service @ Eisenbud's. Total nearly $4,000. Brought car in mainly for clutch and 1st/2nd syncros. Ended up with the following:
  • New clutch disk, and flywheel ground
  • Had the transmission practically rebuilt. New 1st, 2nd, 3rd. 4th & 5th syncros "flipped". Pinion bearing race repaired.
  • New shifter bushings installed.
  • Valves adjusted.
  • New engine compartment sound pad.
  • A/C recharged.
  • Oil change (required due to other work)
  • etc...
Total damage: nearly $4000 (!) But the car shifts like butter (for a 911, anyway) and feels just great. It seems really happy after this work.
Front condenser blower needs to be replaced according to Eisenbud. Air will blow colder once replaced.
06/10/2009 91,526 Alternator service @ Eisenbud's. About $400. Brought car in for charging system problem. Ended up requiring alternator replacement (replaced with rebuilt).

Also had the engine cover strut replaced, since it wasn't propping the cover up as well lately.

After pick-up, drove home in the rain. First time car has been in rain since I bought it. The A/C worked pretty well, and the car didn't fog up. Temps in the low 70s.

06/20/2009 (est) 91,635 Fill-up 17.16 gallons (light had just come on). Mileage not available, because I did a partial fill-up before this one. Car is driving nicely. Probably next thing to have addressed is rattles/vibrations in doors.
07/16/2009 91,887 Fill-up 16.96 gallons for 252.9 miles, 14.9 mpg. Probably next thing to have addressed is rattles/vibrations in doors. Also, noticed that I have a new ding on the passenger side fender lip. That sucks. Will probably go to a body shop and have an estimate made for all the little dings, scratches, etc (not that many, really).
08/02/2009 92,144 Fill-up 17.53 gallons for 256.3 miles, 14.62 mpg.
08/02/2009 92,401 Fill-up 16.77 gallons for 257.0 miles, 15.32 mpg.

Also "topped-up" oil (to between hi/lo on the stick) with Castrol 20w50 -- most of a quart. Went with a heavier oil because the car has been running a bit warm, at least when it's 90 degrees out.

09/19/2009 92,642 Fill-up 17.32 gallons for 240.1 miles, 13.86 mpg. One of the worst MPG measures I've seen yet. Not sure why. Perhaps it's all the city driving (mostly just commuting and short errands).

I "topped-up" oil (to between hi/lo on the stick) with Castrol 20w50 (again) -- 3/4 quart. It wasn't low, but was a good bit over the low mark. I filled to a good bit over the halfway point. I usually go just shy of it. I have a theory that the oil level measures high because the garage is just a bit unlevel, leaning to the passenger side. Perhaps I've been running slightly lower oil levels due to this (?).

10/24/2009 92,840 Fill-up 13.97 gallons for 198.9 miles, 14.24 mpg.

Added 1/4 quart Castrol 20w50. Wasn't low, but am keeping a bit over half-way.

10/27/2009 93,050 Fill-up 15 gallons for 209.2 miles, 13.95 mpg.
01/18/2010 93,221 Fill-up 12.6 gallons for 171 miles, 13.57 mpg.

After fill-up drove to Longmont to turn my camera in for service. 120 mile round-trip and first driving in about a month, due to weather. Car started up like a champ and ran like a top the whole time.

03/31/2010 93,488 Fill-up 15.5 gallons for 267 miles, 17.2 mpg.
07/09/2010 93,971 Fill-up (missed an entry) 17.2 gallons for 272 miles, 15.8 mpg.
09/04/2010 94,150 Fill-up 12 gallons for 179.5 miles, 14.9 mpg.
09/07/2010 94,210 Misc. Service @ Eisenbuds. About $1,000. Took car to Eisenbud's. Following services performed:
  • 4 new Toyo all-season tires
  • 4-wheel alignment (finally fixed slight right pull)
  • Oil change
  • Check: belts, clutch adjustment, fuel pump (all OK)
  • Adjust door strikers (Jim says they were really poorly adjusted. After adjustment, the doors no longer slam around in their pockets, and the car feels so much more solid. Now we just need to get the rattles out of the inside of the doors!)
10/02/2010 94,385 Fill-up 15.4 gallons for 234.4 miles, 15.2 mpg.
10/08/2010 94,696 Fill-up 16 gallons for 311.1 miles, 19.4 mpg. Mostly highway (though often spirited) driving. Return from Cars-n-Coffee, then to Buena Vista, Aspen, back to BV. Car did great.
11/06/2010 94,960 Fill-up 14.9 gallons for 264.3 miles, 17.7 mpg.
03/12/2011 95,218 Fill-up 16.5 gallons for 258 miles, 15.6 mpg.
Added a bottle of Techron.
04/28/2011 95,476 Fill-up 16.4 gallons for 258 miles, 15.7 mpg.
Funny coincidence on miles driven between this and last fill-up.
05/05/2011 95,476 Fill-up 9.7 gallons for 114 miles, 11.8 mpg (??)
Not sure what's up with this. I fllled up at half a tank, and I'm pretty sure the half tank was used basically to go to Cars-n-Coffe, which is highway miles (however, I had the top off). Anyway, pretty horrible mileage.
07/25/2011 95,852 Fill-up 16.6 gallons for 261 miles, 15.7mpg
Did more upshifting into fourth around town. Seems to make a big difference (relatively speaking).
09/09/2011 96,131 Fill-up 17.2 gallons for 279.2 miles, 16.2mpg
---- Missed a few fill-ups ----
08/09/2012 96,860 Fill-up 18 gallons for 248.9 miles, 13.8mpg
11/03/2012 97,458 Fill-up 16.25 gallons for 339 miles, 20.8mpg
06/08/2013 97,698 Fill-up 13.65 gallons for 240 miles, 17.6mpg
08/29/2013 97,976 Fill-up 18.0 gallons for 278 miles, 15.4mpg
Services needed next:

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