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This is my commuter bike, and a very sweet one it is. This is the bike that got me back into steel as the material of choice (see my Colnago). I bought the frame when I went looking for a replacement for my Cannondale XR800. A shop had it hanging from the ceiling, and after hearing my requirements, the salesman pulled it down like it was some kind of disease. It really seemed as though he didn't want to sell it. It was a 1999 model frame in NOS condition, with the brakes already mounted. I got it for half retail, and was very happy with that deal. The newer versions of this bike have an ugly straight fork.

This bike was originally built with many parts from my Cannondale XR800, the frame of which I sold on eBay:

(the Velocity wheels were added later - I originally had Open Pros on the bike (pictured), which are now on my Colnago)

In just a few words, this bike rocks. If I had to pick a favorite from my collection, it would likely be this one (although the Colnago would vie strongly). This bike is so well designed, put together and finished that it's unreal. I love to just look at it, even all tarted up with commuter gear. The lines are great. The slightly oversized tubes with the "Colorado Concept" shaping makes for a very stiff, yet somehow still compliant platform. It runs dead-quiet and shifts like butter.

Back to my bikes.

Back to bicycling.

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