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(It's been sold)

The Trek was my first really expensive bike. When I bought this bike, I told my lovely wife that it was a "lifetime bike". Well, I still love this bike, but I've recently (2004) gotten re-acquainted with the fine ride of classic steel, and have discovered that there's no such thing as a "lifetime bike" (or at least that there may be more than one of them). So, I ended up with my awesome Serotta Rapid Tour and Colnago.

The build of this bike is as follows:

The bike weighs about 20 lbs with pedals and cages. Seems heavy for CF, but I'm not a weight weenie. After all, my Colnago weighs more, and my Serotta Rapid Tour weighs a lot more (with all the commuting stuff on it, anyway). The ride quality of carbon fiber is awesome. It's very stiff, which is great for me, and yet it eats up road buzz and minor cracks, etc., much like steel. There is talk around that CF is fragile, and can break or delaminate. With my lifetime warrantee on the frame, I'll take my chances (and hope that any breakage happens at low speed, of course).

Back to my bikes.

Back to bicycling.

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