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I bought my Trek 620 in 1984, with big plans to do a cross-country trip with my riding buddy Louis the summer after I graduated from college. We had our bikes, panniers, and most equipment, we had the route planned and we were basically ready to do the ride in the summer of '85. But then I totalled my car in the winter, a car which I badly needed because I was working two jobs in different towns. So I had to replace the car, which drained my savings and thus the cross-country trip was a bust. I still put tons of miles on the Trek. That is, until I bought my beloved Cannondale Road.

The 620 was a great loaded touring bike. It came with a rear rack and braze-ons for a front rack and three water bottle cages. It was painted a beautiful metallic gray color that I'll never forget. It had a very sweet and stable ride, as I recall, except that the long wheelbase caused a bit of flex in the bottom bracket under heavy pedaling (I was a trim 190 lbs at the time). This led me to a long-standing (and incorrect) idea that steel bikes are "whippy" and that a heavy guy like me does not belong on them (I've since changed this opinion, which you'll notice as you look at my bikes).

I ended up selling the 620 to a fellow EDSer in Detroit in 1986. I kept my Cannondale Road for a few more years, though. To be honest, I wish I still had the 620 - I'd likely be commuting on it today, rather than on my Serotta Rapid Tour. Then again, maybe not :-).

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