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SRAM PowerLink Chains

In a word, I love them! After futzing around with Shimano's stupid pin approach to connecting chains, and dealing with the primorial ooze in which the chains are shipped, I decided to try SRAM Powerlink. What a difference! The chain goes on in seconds. Literally. The first time I installed one, it almost installed itself. I was bringing the ends together, and trying to mate them. My hands slipped a bit, and I was ready to curse, until I realized that the PowerLink? had connected itself. Sweet!

SRAM PowerLink SR-69 on my [[Serotta Rapid Tour]]

The other nice thing about these chains is that they actually look great. I know, most people don't go around admiring bicycle chains, but these chains have a nice sculpted look that is much nicer than Shimano, IMO. They also cost less than Shimano chains, so what's not to like?

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