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SRAM PowerLink Chains

In a word, I love these chains! After futzing around with Shimano's stupid pin approach to connecting chains, and dealing with the primorial ooze in which the chains are shipped (resulting in the chain collecting dirt immediately), I decided to try a SRAM Powerlink. What a difference! No tools required (except to break the chain to the correct length), and the chain goes on in seconds. Literally. The first time I installed one, it almost installed itself. I was bringing the ends together, and trying to mate them. My hands slipped a bit, and I was ready to curse, until I realized that the PowerLink had connected itself. Sweet!

SRAM PowerLink SR-69 on my Serotta Rapid Tour

The other nice thing about these chains is that they actually look great. I know, most people don't go around admiring bicycle chains, but these chains have a nice sculpted look that is much nicer than Shimano, IMO. They also cost less than Shimano chains, so what's not to like?

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