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What I call "my site" has gone through many, many changes since I first created a web presence in 1996. I blush to think about how amateurish my early site designs were (and I still blush a bit when faced with the much better sites that are out there today). In the early days, the site was all hand-coded HTML, and that stayed true until fairly recently.

Several key changes have happened over the years:

1996 - Had a personal site on web space rented from my ISP.

1998 - Established samoht.com domain and posted my content on a hosting service.

1999 - Moved my content "in-house", onto a Sun Ultra 1 200e. Started making a real effort to build a "good site".

2000 - Started a weblog, using blogger. This year also marked my first decent effort at using CSS to style my site.

2003 - Started a new weblog using custom software that I wrote in Ruby. I styled this new weblog (almost) entirely with CSS.

2003 - Rewrote many of my old-school static pages to use CSS.

2004 - Added a Wiki to replace (most of) my static pages. In October, I moved the site from the Sun to a Mac G4 Cube.

Note that this site uses extensive CSS, including absolute positioning and other layout niceties. If it doesn't look good, that's because either a) I'm a bad designer (quite possible/probable) or b) you need to upgrade to a standards-compliant browser (definitely).

The Wiki I'm running is UseModWiki, which is a single perl script that is very easy to install and is pretty full-featured. Like many UseModWiki installations, it is modified. In my case, I started modifying it about 10 minutes after I downloaded it. Nothing big, just some rearrangement of CSS styles and other minor adjustments.

My weblog has entries about gemcast, my Ruby-based weblog engine. It's nothing to brag about, really, but was a good way for me to familiarize myself with Ruby. I may write more about it, in time (Find out more about gemcast).

If you're confused about how to get around on my blog, there's more here about navigating it.

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