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I'd toyed around with the idea of getting a motorcycle every so often over the last decade or so, but until recently I just never got past the toying-around stage. A couple of years ago, I bit the bullet, went to an MSF class, went motorcycle shopping, and ended up with my 1995 BMW K1100RS.

During the first year or so of ownership I did quite a bit of riding. Recently (2004) that's changed a bit. I started working downtown, and between bicycle commuting, parking fees, a less-than-fun commute route, and rush hour traffic, I've basically stopped riding during the week. Then, on the weekends, I haven't been making the effort to get out and ride. Still, it's something I enjoy a lot, when I actually do it. I've done a couple of trips, which are documented on my photos page.

I've written extensively about my motorcycle adventures on my weblog.

Me and my beloved BMW K1100RS

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