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The Machine


I've been interested in art since I was a little kid. At first I concentrated on octopuses and dinosaurs. During junior high and high school I moved to military weaponry, science fiction and fantasy, and other subjects. All pretty geeky stuff, really. However, once I got into college I moved into more traditional artistic subjects. Well, more or less. I'll let you be the judge. I have two collections currently available. Unfortunately, they overlap to some degree. Note that even though the years overlap, there are pieces unique to each collection within the overlapping years.

Recent Projects

While my artistic forays of late are pretty much limited to working on the design of this site, I did a couple of interesting "projects" with my college roomate Mark a few years ago. I stole the idea of doing collaborative artwork from a couple of other sites and invited Mark to join me in a couple of rounds of daring digital dithering. I christened the result Paint-Counterpaint. I also cooked up an "HTML-art" thingy called "kinesquare" using animated gifs, which works better in some browsers than others.

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