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This was my first great racing bike. I think I paid around $300 for it, and it had a combination of Sugino and Suntour components. It was electric metallic blue with yellow Benotto bar tape. I put a yellow seat cover on it, to match. It was beautiful. I don't remember the model name, but it was a 1983 or 1984 Cannondale 1.0 aluminum frame. You didn't see too many of these back in the day. I loved this bike.

'84 Cannondale (note the huge early bike computer).

This bike was graced with a very early bike computer. The thing was the size of a Palm Pilot and had a one-line display and like six rubbery buttons on it. The coolest thing was to be able to keep track of my average and max speed. Of course this is commonplace today, but back then it was pretty out there.

When I hurt my back in 1988 or so, I was told not to ride road bikes any more by my back doctor (this was very bad advice). I ended up selling the Cannondale to another EDSer. I saw him months later and he told me the frame had had a crack in the bottom bracket shell. I was embarrassed, so I apologized and explained that I'd had no idea. He said "no problem, it's great -- I got a brand-new frame due to the Cannondale lifetime guarantee!" Can't beat that.

Back to my bikes.

Back to bicycling.

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