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Admittedly, since starting my weblog a few years ago, this page has become a bit of a graveyard. That's because I provide quite a number of links right in the weblog. However, I decided against deleting this page during a site makeover (09/2003), since I thought maybe someday I'd keep a longer list of links here than in my weblog. Time will tell. Obviously, I still like the sites listed here, and recommend them to you, my loyal reader (and I do mean reader, singular).

Software Development

The Server Side

A huge resource for J2EE developers.

Sites that Don't Suck

Heather "H" Champ

An old favorite of mine (the site, not Heather - not saying I don't like Heather, I don't know her - oh, forget it!), minimalist and creative.

Sites About Sites that Don't Suck

Jeffrey Zeldman

A class act. Tons of content. He gives away knowledge -- a very valuable thing.

Project Cool

Want tips, great examples, links galore? Go there!

A List Apart

Meaningful content for people who make websites.

Web Standards Project

Fighting for standards on the web.


Repository of cool sites and just a part of the larger Jenette ring of sites. Joe's web hosting charges must be eating him alive.

Design Resources

Eyesaw Fonts

OK, maybe this is the Coolest type foundry ever. The site is a work of art. Really. At various times, I have used some Eyesaw fonts in this site.



My favorite big-name manufacturer. I've owned four of them. You can see more on my bicycling page.


My favorite small-name manufacturer. I currently own a Serotta Rapid tour and use it for commuting.

Rivendell Bicycle Works

Sweet frame shop, sticking to traditional materials and techniques. To die for!

Mountain Bike Review

Great grass-roots MTB equipment and trail reviews.

Road Bike Review

Great grass-roots equipment and trail reviews. I'm fairly active in the forums there, as "cyclophile".

Sheldon Brown / Harris Cyclery

Huge site maintained by Sheldon Brown. If you don't find it here, it ain't about bikes. If you printed all of it you'd have a decent-sized book. Thanks Sheldon!

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