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Psst, Hey Buddy, Want Some Free Software?

Those of us that write software for a living sometimes do it for fun. This is what I have done from time to time. I intend to give some of that software away. This is where you'll find mine. Have fun!

SpringViz (previously known as SpringGraph)

SpringViz is an XSLT (and an Ant task for easy launching) that translates a Spring Framework XML configuration into a "dot" file for use in Graphviz. [more...]


Gemcast is a weblog engine written in Ruby. Go to the gemcast page to see more about it.

Sailboat Performance Analyzer

My first attempt at this utility for sailors. This one is accurate and useful, but has many missing features (for example, you can't delete boats), and a weak user interface. Let's not get into it. If you get an error message saying that VBRUN300.DLL is missing, then download the DLL and put it in the directory where you put the software.

Download It (Win95+)

I have had a much improved version in the works for a long time (since '97 or so). Hopefully it will appear here sooner than later, but don't hold your breath.

(Note: I mean really don't hold your breath. As of 08/2004 I still haven't produced the final version of this software, and I haven't even considered it in a few years. If you're a VB developer and happen to be reading this page, and you're interested in doing the work to finish the "new" version off and put it out there, let me know).

Online Sailboat Performance Analyzer

A web page version of the above, that's not nearly as full-featured, but is handy since it's right here on the web. Try It!

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