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This is the "top" of my Wiki. "What is a Wiki?", you may ask. In short, it is a site that is editable by anyone (normally, but my site is protected from that, unless I know you and want you editing it), and that supports easy markup and linking to make managing a site simpler than the usual HTML-page approach. You may also want to check out my weblog, too. If you want to know more about my site, see the colophon.

The links at the top of the page lead to major content within my site. Some pages are Wiki pages, while others are not (my intention is to convert everything but the weblog and a few "outliers" to be Wiki pages). You may find that you have to wander around a bit to find stuff (or check out the SiteMap (a list of every page on the site - somewhat up-to-date) or the [wiki index] - just a list of clickable page titles - always up-to-date).

I intend to write quite a bit on the Wiki. The content on the Wiki, in contrast to that of the weblog, will be of a more permanent nature, in the sense that it will stay put for much longer periods of time, and hopefully will have stable URLs, rather than rolling off the site as time goes by.

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